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About Us

My Swisa is an authorized online distributor for Swisa Beauty, Inc.  We deliver the full line of Swisa Beauty Dead Sea Facial, Skin & Nail Care Products straight to your door, for your very own at home cleansing spa treatment.  The Swisa Beauty lines of cleansing skin & nail care products are as wonderful and luxurious as they are natural and healthy and are made with the finest ingredients from Mother Nature's most unique and exotic place on Earth, the Dead Sea.

Swisa is dedicated to providing you with the exceptional Dead Sea Sensation Spa Products collection, including the signature nail care products, which blend the sensual pleasures of exotic aromatic oils with the therapeutic cleansing benefits of Dead Sea minerals and plant extracts. Some of our other sensational products include, an aloe vera based facial peel, a Dead Sea mud soap, mud mask and mud bath, a Dead Sea mineral salt treatment, an anti aging non surgical face lift that is better than Botox, a face firming moisturizer, a blackhead treatment kit, and the best cellulite treatment gel, just to name a few.

Our exquisite assortment of spa cleansing skin care products were produced specifically to hydrate, nourish, and restore the skin's natural strength and pH balance, while relieving acne, psoriasis, eczema, and other skin ailments. The special awareness paid to different skin types and age groups has resulted in exclusive solutions where highly developed hypoallergenic formulations unify contemporary technology with cleansing beauty therapies drawn from nature, so you can "Feel the Sensation of the Dead Sea". 


  When our products are used as directed they are safe and effective.  However, each individual has different skin and we can not guarantee the results you will experience with our products.  As with all products;  individuals with hypersensitive, sensitive skin or skin allergies should conduct a patch test on a small area first.  Discontinue use if signs of irritation appear.  None of the information on this site should ever be used to diagnosis any skin conditions, please contact a physician for a proper diagnosis.  Although our products are safe for use on the body, they are not intended for ingestion.  Please keep all products away from children and pets. Read directions for each product carefully and use as directed.  My Swisa accepts no responsibility or liability for misuse of any of our products or for any consequential injury as a result of using our products. By purchasing our products you are agreeing to not hold My Swisa nor any of it's employees liable for any damages that may arise.
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Our Products are Cruelty Free.   Cruelty Free  
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