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Dead Sea Body Butter

Dead Sea Body Butter

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Dead Sea Body Butter
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This thick and creamy natural topical skin softener leaves your body silky, smooth, and refreshed. Shea butter remarkably restores elasticity to the skin while nourishing dehydrated cells through healthy anti-oxidant enriched emollients. The combination of the Shea butter and Dead Sea Minerals and vitamins from botanicals makes this spa beauty product a blissful moisturizing treat for your whole body. 8 oz

Customer Reviews

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Don't buy from kioskDO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT AT THE MALLS!!!!! THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF!!! In August 2011 at the Layton Mall in Utah, I was scammed by these people. I was told that the Dead Sea Minerals 'Obey Your Body' body butter came with a 2 year free refill and the Swisa Beauty Sensation Spa Anti-Aging Creme came with a 1 year refill. That is the only reason that I purchased these products as they were $65.00 & $85.00 each. I then went in yesterday to get a "refill", but much to my surprise, they don't do refills. I was completely lied to and scammed into purchasing these products. It has also been too long to dispute my credit card purchase. I wished I knew what to do to get them shut down!!! I did go to the mall management offices and requested a grievance form to fill out. They didn't have one but did have a "comments" card that I was told the manager personally reads each card. I told them of my experience and requested that they consider the fraud and deceit that this company is portraying to mall patrons when renewing their lease. If everyone does this, maybe we can get them to stop defrauding people and get them out of the malls. Also - as an after thought - let me tell you that I hated the swisa beauty sensations spa dead sea treatment anti-aging creme but found the body butter to be useful, but definitely not for the price that I paid! Written by Lisa on Fri 28 Oct 2011 8:04:16 PM GMT
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